Valentine’s Day Content Ideas for Social Media

Awww the day of love. Whether you have a romantic partner or not, Valentine’s Day provides a wonderful opportunity to share the love and spread some good vibes on the interwebs. Here are 5 ways you can join this international ‘love in’ and make your socials shine.

1. Scribe a love letter to your tribe

Tell your fans and followers how much you appreciate them being part of your squad. Not one for long-winded prose? How about a poem, meme or video to show you care.

2. Love your clients and customers

Use 14 February as an opportunity to mention some of your special clients or customers. If you feel a bit shy mentioning them in a post, shoot them a DM or private message to show your heartfelt appreciation.

3. Spend the love

Create a special offer or discount just for your Instagram or Facebook clan. Bonus points if your offer involves a 2-for-1 deal so they can treat a friend or loved one too.

4. Share the love

Recommend your favourite Instagram accounts, Facebook pages or Twitterers (totally a word!) so your followers can enjoy their content too. Bonus points: Ask your followers to comment with accounts that THEY love to get the engagement flowing.

5. Don’t forget self-love

Take time out to treat yourself and share your chosen self-love activity with your followers (hello Insta stories!). This may prompt others to pamper themselves too. Bonus points: Ask them to tag you in their self-love endeavours or create a unique hashtag (may I suggest #shallwevalentine *wink wink*) that they can use.

Whatever you decide to do, love them and love them hard 💕

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