Content Ideas for the Holiday Season

Social Media Content Ideas for the Christmas holidays and 2020

If you’re like me, by the end of the year your brain is mush and you’ve got a great big dose of the CBFs! To help you out, I’ve pulled together 10 social media content ideas to see you through the silly season and into 2020.

You can use these on Facebook, Instagram and for Instagram stories. This time of year people are ready to dial it down and consume content for fun. Stay top of mind without the hard sell with these fun post ideas:

1. Wrapping or unboxing video of your product

Does your product come in cute wrapping paper or a schmick gift box? Show it off with a little video. This helps to set expectations and is a subtle way of pushing product sales without being pushy.

2. Your Christmas baking efforts

If you get all Martha Stewart once the calendar ticks over to December then share! We want to see your holiday themed cookies, cakes and chocolate creations. If you can’t bake, even better! Those “Pinterest Fail” memes are popular for a reason. Take us behind the scenes and show us your family’s festive rituals.

3. Your workplace celebration

Does your workplace splash the cash for staff parties? If you’re going somewhere special to celebrate another year of passive aggression with people you wouldn’t usually associate with, take us on the journey. An Instagram live is a fun way to share the scene. Note: Your followers probably don’t want to see Geoff from accounts photocopying his butt. Just saying. Keep it professional and G-rated.

4. Best of/highlights package

This is one of my all-time favourite lazy content hacks! Go to your Instagram or Facebook Insights data and find the top posts for the year. Recap of the best posts/moments from the year either by putting them all together in one long post or sharing them over the coming weeks.

5. Your 2020 goals

People love hearing what others have planned so share a photo of your goals list or talk to the camera about what you want to achieve in the new year. Related: Share your “word” for 2020 – one word the summarises your intention for the coming 12 months.


6. Holiday envy

Record a time-lapse video on your iPhone or shoot a flatlay photo of your suitcase contents and give your fans and followers a good ol’ case of festive FOMO by subtly bragging about your upcoming getaway. This content lends itself nicely to announcing your holiday opening hours.

7. Sneak peek of new products coming in 2020

If you have new products in the making then let your followers in on the coming developments. Share sketches, fabric swatches, or components from your new range. If haven’t gotten that far, a mood board is a great way to hint at what’s ahead. Pro tip: Use this as an opportunity to invite people to join your mailing list so they can be the first to see whatever magic you’re creating.

8. A list post (like this one!)

9. A handy cheat sheet or checklist

This is a great option for service-based businesses. Use Canva to whip up an A4 download that will help your fans in some way. It could be a monthly planner template, an SEO checklist or a list of green smoothie recipes to detox following the Christmas binge.

10. An Instagram story template

Create a fun and interactive template and ask your followers to fill in the fields with text, emojis or GIFs and to tag you. This provides a great opportunity to engage with other accounts on a personal level and you can re-share other user’s posts when they tag you. Can’t be bothered creating your own? Download my template below and remember to tag @shallwesocial

Untitled design (8).png

Shall we social stories template

Christmas 2019

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