Getting Started On IGTV

10 Ways To Use IGTV For Your Business

It’s taken a while but, just like Matt on Married at First Sight, IGTV is finally getting some action!


If you’re unfamiliar with IGTV, here’s the low down: IGTV allows you to share long-format, vertical content (the recommended aspect ratio is 9:16). Videos can be up to 10 minutes in length for average users and up to an hour for larger accounts.

IGTV curates content based on who you already follow and also based on your interests so it’s a great way to have your content discovered by new users who don’t already follow your account.  IGTV can be viewed within the Instagram platform itself or via a stand-alone IGTV app.

Uploading videos can be done from your phone or from the Instagram website (handy if you already have saved videos on your desktop) and, like your Instagram highlights, your videos sit on your profile page.

You can add links and hashtags to your IGTV video description plus (the best part, IMO) you can link to your IGTV clip from Instagram Stories and invite people to “swipe up” to watch (yes, even if you don’t have 10K followers). So make sure you take advantage of this feature to cross-promote your channel.

As of February 2019 when you post a video to IGTV this now automatically pulls through a 1-minute preview of your video to your Instagram feed (this is switched on by default but you can turn this off). If you’re a stickler for feed aesthetic, see my tip at the bottom of this page.

Not another bloody platform to create content for?!

Yup, it is. You can choose to take it or leave it but, given that IGTV now appears as a 1-minute preview in the Instagram feed, I have a sneaky feeling that this ugly duckling is about to go ‘the full swan’ and accounts who embrace IGTV will be favoured over those who throw it in the “Too Hard” basket (along with overcoming reality TV addiction #MAFSforthewin).

The great news is that it isn’t crowded (yet) so early adopters have an opportunity to make their mark on this new content frontier. The other great news is that, because it isn’t live, you can re-purpose existing content by reformatting videos to fit the vertical orientation.


Here are 10 content ideas to get you started on IGTV

1. An introduction to you and your business

Tell us about you. We would love to hear your brand story, your “why”, how you got started and where the inspiration came from to start your organic, soy, protein powder specifically-formulated for high-achieving children aged 3-4.5 years old business. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Create a talking head video of you telling your viewers what your brand is all about and your mission

  • Take us on tour of your workplace – if you work in manufacturing this would be really interesting to see

  • If your business is all about the staff who work there then champion them. Ask them to introduce themselves and talk about their experience, their passions, their coffee order – whatever you think will create a connection with your ideal customer. Bonus points if you can stage a staff dance party!

2. A tutorial – teach me something baby

The longer format of IGTV lends itself to educational content, so get your teacher hat on and share a skill that will help your followers. Because IGTV isn’t live, you can edit to your heart’s content – fast forwarding time consuming processes and inserting screen recordings, diagrams or other content to illustrate your point.  Pro tip:Write a blog post or create a free download/worksheet/printable that adds further value for your audience and link your IGTV video to this.

3. Boxing or Unboxing videos

If you have a product that comes in schmick-a$$ packaging, show us. Remember that scene in Love Actually where the sales assistant (played by Mr Bean) goes to elaborate lengths to wrap that expensive-but-pretty-tacky gold necklace for that cheating b*stard? Do that, but without the infidelity.

This is so much more than a bag

This is so much more than a bag

4. Your very own series

Move over Netflix! There’s nothing like a good story arc to keep people coming back for more. Take your followers on a journey and give them time to get to know your “characters” (these may be staff members with questionable acting skills). Renovating? Show the process from start to finish with a series of progress videos documenting all of the stages from planning to smashing a bottle of champagne on the side of the house (wait? Is that just for boats?).

5. Interview/Q&A with an industry leader or influencer

Got connections? Use them! Invite your expert/influencer/C-grade celebrity mates onto your channel to share their wisdom, tips and insider gossip with your followers. Guests offer a fresh perspective and provide a new face for your fans to fall in love with.

6. A day in the life of video.

If you have an interesting life (or you know someone who does) capture that. An event manager might take us through their day onesite at an event from bump in to setting up themeing set, testing AV and rehearsing talent. Not only is this content super interesting but it’s a subtle way to sell your services without being salesy.

7. Client testimonials

Film your clients or customers singing your praises (literally if they have the voice for it!) and share. We know that recommendations work so social proof is where it’s at.  Bonus points: If you have editing “skillz”, create a fun montage/mash up of different customers saying the same thing (e.g. your tag line).

8. What’s cookin’ good looking?

You don’t need to be a Masterchef to share your favourite smoothie, bulletproof coffee or lunch idea. This creates a fun connection point and may help to solve one your customer’s pain points (school lunch ideas anyone?!).

giphy (2).gif

9. Share a mini workout

If you’re in the health and fitness space then don your Lululemon and create a mini workout video. This could be a quick HIIT workout or as simple as some stretches to relieve that hunched-over-your-desk backache. Get your sweat on and then finish off with a smoothie together!

10. Product demonstration

This is a great option if your product is a bit technical or has cool hidden features that aren’t apparent upon first glance. Show us how it works and how we could incorporate your product into our everyday lives.

I hope that gives you some inspiration to get started with IGTV. For regular social media tips and content ideas, make sure you subscribe to receive Shall We Social Squad emails. Sign up now

Until next time,

Lots of ‘Likes’

P.S. I almost forgot the most important part!

If you’re mad about aesthetic, like me, then you probably don’t want an ugly screen grab of your #restingbitchface messing up your Instagram feed. Create a high-quality branded cover for your IGTV clip (you can do this in Canva using the Instagram story template). Add a stylish cover image to your video so that this pulls through to your feed, rather than your slack-jawed mug.

Creating your own cover image is great for branding purposes and helps people to see, at a glance, what your video is about.


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