Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Algorithm?

Facebook’s ‘Feedpocalypse’: Get Over the Doom and Gloom

Back in January (aeons ago in the land of social media) the powers that be at Facey HQ decided to change the way content is delivered to users – to emphasise “meaningful social interactions” and people momentarily Lost. Their. Minds!

Here’s what happened; Facebook shook up the feed prioritising posts from friends and family  over content from public brands or business pages. Business owners with Facebook pages saw their organic page reach drop down down like that catchy Coles commercials and the idea that business owners would now need to “pay to play” got bandied about A LOT – which scared small businesses without the cash to splash.


Once everyone calmed down a tad we realised that this change was in fact positive. Facebook was cracking down on all those spammy accounts pumping out meaningless content that was turning people away from the platform (Hello list of “girls who will get pregnant in 2019”!). By creating a better user experience, Facebook is ensuring that people will continue to use the platform – thereby providing an ongoing audience for us business owners with Facebook pages.

While the changes may have initially resulted in a drop in organic Facebook page reach, there is now a brilliant opportunity for brands to re-think their content marketing strategy and emerge, like a phoenix from the ashes, victorious if they can switch their focus from broadcasting to engagement.

Recently I was interviewed about this very topic and featured in Grow Magazine by Rockend Technology. You can read all about it here and find out what to do to regain your reach.