Hip and Happening Holiday Hashtags for your Christmas Posts

My name is Kryshla and I’m a fully-fledged Christmas fiend. Yup, I’m THAT person.

At the first hint of December I blast Mariah Carey, binge on feel-good holiday films and Lindt balls and put up a giant tree heaving with mostly white and some red decorations (no other colours! don’t mess with my tree!). Annoying? Probably. Do I care? Not one bit #flyyourfreakflag


Fortunately for you, my obsession with Christmas has spilled over to the world of Instagram and I have created a list of festive hashtags to help you with your holiday content planning.

Why can’t I just use #Christmas?

If you have been following along on Instagram since Easter you’ll recall that popular hashtags such as #Easter or #Christmas are sometimes targeted by those on the naughty list, who post all sorts of inappropriate content with these tags.

When this happens Instagram disables or “breaks” the tags while they remove the offending content. Hashtag Christmas was one tag that was temporarily disabled last year and it is believed that when one hashtag in your set is broken, this prevents your content being seen under ALL the other hashtags you have used in your post.

Super large and popular hashtags will help with your post to reach more people, however I cannot vouch for the quality of those people. Also, because of the sheer volume of posts under some of these hashtags, your content will quickly be pushed down the search results by other incoming posts. If you must use a large tag, make sure that you check it first to ensure it isn’t broken. Type your chosen tag(s) into the search box to check that it is still operational.

If you type in #Christmas for example and nothing appears in the search, chances are that tag is broken. Even if all is merry and bright, I would still avoid using that tag because it’s so large (128M posts and counting at the time I wrote this).

What hashtags should I use?

As a general rule of thumb, aim for tags with less than 500,000 posts or, better yet, under 100,000, to increase your chances of appearing at the top of Instagram’s search results.

Mix popular tags (which help post reach) with smaller targeted tags that better suit your niche, location or interests of your ideal customer. The following list includes a selection of small, medium and large Christmas hashtags that I’ve been using for client accounts and in my own posts. Pick and choose the tags that are right for you and your audience.

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Happening Holiday Hashtags