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 “Kryshla is ‘the social media guru’ she provides incredible value to her services and assistance and is keen for you to get it right and to succeed in meeting your objectives. Not only that, but if you’re unsure of which social media goals are best for you to put into place, then Kryshla will help you work that out and the action steps involved towards your goals.

Kryshla defined for me the best action plan and provided me with many valuable ideas and strategies. I am super happy with the assistance Kryshla has offered me and the direction my social media has taken. Thank you so much for your help, I feel better equiped and prepared to take the next steps.”
— The Renovate Avenue

I can’t express how amazing it has been to work with you and I can’t actually believe it’s over (sniffle, sniffle). You’re so generous with your time and there’s nothing you don’t seem to have an answer for. How do you do that?! That’s pretty special in this ever-changing fast-paced world of social media.

You’ve given so many processes and systems to follow that it’s not only going to make my life easier it’s going to transform my social media marketing game… This has been a side hustle for a while and I hope to make it more in the future, I now feel like that may be possible. I was questioning if this ‘game’ was for me at the start of the year and you have reinvigorated my passion for it.
— Simone Lee, Social Media Manager

Like many of us, I don’t have much idea on how to use technology, specifically Instagram and facebook, and then I met Kryshla who is super passionate about it and showed me all the ways that using it would benefit my brand and business. Kryshla was able to do a full audit of my social media (including the back end) and give me the hard-hitting truths (in a really nice way) that I needed to up my game on social media and embrace video! I seriously hate that stuff, but she is the expert, so I followed her list of recommended things to fix (there were quite a few I was doing but had no idea) and then went about creating content and getting some videos up on Instagram.

The cool thing for me is not that people buy me, the cool thing for me is that once I was able to get over myself and lean into it, I got some amazing responses. I am able to walk into a networking function and people “know me” because they have seen my work on Instagram. Now for Facebook…

Kryshla is so helpful and continues to inspire me to be better, but also gets how busy I am, her regular check in’s and comments to help me are awesome (I especially love it when I post and I get almost immediate feedback from her – my favourite thing). If you just need to get your head out of your butt and do the work, bring Kryshla in.
— Emma McQueen

Kryshla is my tech-angel, my marketing guru and general all-round social media expert. She was so professional but with such a warm, caring nature – I knew that she believed in me and what my business was all about, which was something that was so important to me with the nature of what I blog about.

I loved how Kryshla would always flick relevant content and ideas my way and was happy to go above and beyond to make sure I understood something or felt comfortable to ask (copious) questions along the way.

It has been such a pleasure working with her, and such a bonus to see all my stats start moving positively in the right direction… The coaching sessions were helpful, relevant and detailed, especially because Kryshla asked me what I wanted to focus on beforehand.
— The Glitter Bug

Kryshla was an absolute star to work with! She helped me begin to think strategically about my brand’s presence on social media and create content that was meaningful and relevant to my followers. Kryshla created a cohesive look for the Max & Me social media pages and I could rest easy knowing that this important part of my brand marketing was being carefully nurtured and developed. I would highly recommend Social Style Consulting to anyone who is looking for assistance with creating an impact on social media.
— Max & Me Designs

Instagram Unpacked suited me perfectly. Kryshla is such a friendly & encouraging coach who really knows what she’s talking about. There were plenty of in-depth tips and tricks, but even the basics were covered thoroughly and shown to be just as important ... I just thought it was all so relevant, knowledgeable, and applicable for non social media professionals. I LOVED it and would do it again in a heartbeat. Cannot recommend more highly!!!
— Jessica Dobson @silverscircus

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