How to Use Instagram Quick Replies

How to Create and use Quick Replies

If you have an Instagram business account you can now create customised replies to use in your DMs. The new features allows you to write and save draft messages that can be sent out at the touch of a button as required.

This feature is a godsend for answering frequently asked questions or for those accounts with a high volume of direct messages.

Note: You must have an Instagram business account to access this feature. If you cannot see this option in your menu ensure that you have the latest Instagram update installed and any other operating system updates.

Before you can send a quick reply, you need to create one.

How to set up quick replies

1. Open your Instagram profile and click the 3 line ‘hamburger’ menu in the top right

2. Tap ‘Settings’ and scroll down. Under business settings you should find ‘Quick Replies’

3. Write your desired responses and a create a keyboard shortcut for each reply

Now you’re ready to go!


Sending a Quick Reply

1. Within your direct messages, open a new message, or hit reply to an existing one

2. Type your keyboard shortcut e.g. “freeshipping”

3. A blue quick replies button will appear in the comments. Simply tap to insert your reply.


Ideas for Using Quick Replies

> Create quick replies for frequently asked questions around topics such as shipping, your opening hours, the process to book an appointment, etc.

> When running a competition, create replies that link to your competition info and terms

> Share a link your latest blog post, article or e-book with followers who may have missed it

> Use quick replies to encourage people to join your email list following a conversation

> Create a special offer or secret content that is hidden on your website (e.g. an e-book, blog post, printable) and surprise new followers (or target potential leads) with your gift

> Write a little love note and slide into the DMs of your most engaged followers to say thank you

There are so many great ways to use this feature! DM me on Instagram with yours, I would love to see how you put this into practice.

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